October 21, 2020

All the secrets of soft cheeses

Mmmmh, the cheese soft ... Those who have never been ecstatic before a dough dripping outside the packaging of cheese come out of this room! Lovers of cheese will inevitably tell you that this dough that tries to escape is an invitation to gourmet and exquisite tasting.

In general, cheese soft dough means cheese which, at the time of their manufacture, have not been pressed or heated. And it is fully matured that the dough becomes flowing as it was described by salivating previously ...

But did you know that among the cheese soft dough, there are several kinds each of which has its specificity?

There are indeed among cheese soft dough, three types of cheese different that are divided as follows:

- the cheese soft cheese with a floral rind

- the cheese soft washed rind

- the cheese soft with natural rind

What lies behind these diverse and varied categories?

The cheese soft rind with a flowery rind gather together cheese whose crust is covered with Penicilium, but as many call a cat a cat is not it, let's say more simply that it is a mushroom: mold what. The cheese soft rind with a bloomy rind are then completely covered with a white down.

The cheese soft, floral rind counts some of the cheese the best known, among which the different varieties of brie (de Meaux, Melun, Provins, etc.); the different varieties of Camembert (farmer, Normandy, Calvados, etc.); the chabichou of Poitou; the Coulommiers, the Crottin de Chavignol or Saint-Marcellin.

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