July 12, 2024

All the taboo questions on the vagina: I'm impenetrable ...

The most common form Vaginism is primary: it starts with a woman's sex life. From the first attempts, penetration is impossible. Why ? During an "intrusion" attempt, the vaginal opening is closed by a completely involuntary reflex mechanism. Those responsible would be the perivaginal muscles.

In order to eliminate an organic cause, a gynecological examination is necessary. It is therefore essential to verify that the problem does not come from a physical abnormality. In addition, your gynecologist can give you tips to get rid of your vaginism and to understand what causes it. Talk about it, do not be ashamed!

Where does vaginism come from? What triggers it? The potential reasons are numerous. For example, it may be a refusal or an unconscious phobia of sexuality. Education is also important. Did your parents educate you very strictly and sex was repressed and totally banned from conversations? You may associate feelings of disgust or shame with sex, which causes "blocking".

The origin can also be traumaticwhen a woman has, for example, been sexually abused. Another possibility: a bad knowledge of one's own body. In this case, better sexual information and why not a sex therapy can quickly solve the problem.

None of these reasons concern you? Maybe it's a sexual disorder, a fear of pain, getting pregnant, or incompatibility with your partner. Whatever the reason, it is highly advisable to consult a sexologist if you suffer from vaginismus. And do not despair, even if the path is sometimes long, vaginism is cured!

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