April 10, 2021

All you need to know about false eyelashes: eyelash extension

How it works ? The beautician places on each lash, half a millimeter from the root, a synthetic lash. To fix this synthetic lash, she catches it with a special forceps and impregnates it slightly in a strong glue, similar to surgical glue. Finally, by means of another pliers, she fixes the synthetic eyelash on the real eyelash. She can make her take the form she wants: lengthen, curl stretching ... It all depends on the wishes of his client!
During the entire pose, which can take one to two hours, the client is lying down and keeps her eyes closed. It is often the occasion for her to relax, or even to sleep, because it is a completely painless and silent act. Or how to be beautiful without suffering ...
It takes an average of 90 eyelashes on each eye for the change to be visible. But it is also possible to make extensions only on the outer corners of the eyes to obtain a "doe" effect; in this case, 60 eyelashes per eye are enough.
Be careful, after the installation, do not wet your eyes for 48 hours on pain of dropping the extensions! But, after this time, you can wash or even swim with no problems. Another recommendation: we must not put any more mascara because the fat that it contains can also damage the extensions. In any case, the extensions thicken the eyelashes so much that we do not really feel the need anymore!
These additions of lashes take an average of one month. They disappear according to the life cycle of the eyelash; when it falls, the extension falls with!
Then just go back to the beautician who will ask new additions. This interview must be done every month.
The only bad thing about this method is the cost, which is quite high. Depending on the number of extensions, a first pose is between 150 and 300 euros. The interview costs him 80 or 100 euros.
With the collaboration of Carla Almeida, a beautician specialized in eyelash extensions for Relook me like a star. More information on www.myspace.com/relookme_like_astar