January 24, 2021

All you need to know about false eyelashes: interview of a pro makeup artist

Anyone can wear false eyelashes?
There are no contraindications for false eyelashes. Even those who wear lenses can put them without problems. Some basic precautions are necessary ... Wash your hands thoroughly before handling false eyelashes to avoid irritation or conjunctivitis. When gluing the eyelashes on the eyelid, keep the eye closed to avoid injury with the nail or the stick.
If you already have long eyelashes, why wear false eyelashes?
More than their length, what matters in eyelashes is their shape and position. Thanks to the false eyelashes or the extensions, one can really restructure the look of a person, even if it has long eyelashes. The one with round eyes will have almond eyes, the one with small eyes will have larger ones, and so on. It's magic and less risky than cosmetic surgery!
Are there risks of allergy?
Glue sold with false eyelashes or false eyelash implants do not normally cause allergy. If you want to be sure, just put a little on his hand and let act a few minutes. If there are no skin reactions or redness, you are not allergic.
How to find a good institute for eyelash extensions?
The expansion of eyelashes has recently developed in France, so the beauty institutes that practice it are few and poorly referenced. It is necessary to inquire directly with the institutes.
To ensure the professionalism of the beautician who poses, some tips:
- Does she have regular clients? If so, try to meet them or come the day they come for an interview of their extensions.
- Does she have pictures of clients before and after? It's a good way to be aware of his work.
- Did one of her colleagues at the institute have extensions? If his colleague trusted him, it's a good sign in general. And then you can judge on the spot!
-How many extensions will she put to each eye? If it gives you a number below 60, do not go because you will see only a slight difference with your natural eyelashes and the price will be as high as elsewhere where you will be asked more.
Are there risk institutes?
In some Parisian neighborhoods, institutes offer eyelash extensions at broken prices, between 30 and 40 euros. But be careful, do not go there!
They do not make eyelashes eyelashes but stick an implant of false eyelashes (so this multiple eyelashes) at the level of the root of the eyelash or directly on the eyelash. The problem is that in both cases, this pose destroys the eyelashes! The glue placed at the root of the eyelash suffocates its bulb and prevents its regrowth. As for the implant of false eyelashes stuck on the eyelash, its weight ends up breaking the natural eyelash ... So beware of low prices and extensions of eyelashes that are not ... The real extension of eyelashes is Eyelashes and not otherwise. Many women have lost half of their eyelashes because of these crooked institutes ... Caution!

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