May 13, 2021

Amanda Seyfried is a Little Red Riding Hood on the lips!

Amanda Seyfried fascinates us by his face so soft but so cold beauty. A beauty that Catherine Hardwicke, formerly director of the Twilight saga, was able to appreciate at its fair value by having interpreted to the young woman the role of the Little Red Riding Hood of the Brothers Grimm, in the Gothic sauce, which recalls the adventures of Bella and his vampire ...

But in real life, Amanda Seyfried is a simple young woman, wearing jeans and almost no makeup. On the other hand, in the evening, the pretty blonde turns into a femme fatale, and the beautiful girl has adopted the Little Red Riding Hood make up on her lips!

When Amanda goes out, she puts the package and highlights her assets: a complexion of porcelain enhanced by a hint of pink blush, large blue eyes highlighted by a slight hint of kohl, lengthening mascara and a luscious mouth blood red !

The beauty has also completed its long hair and gilded to bring a juvenile and sexy touch to its beauty look. A perfect balance between the fresh teenage girl and the sensuality of a femme fatale!

Little Red Riding Hood - Amanda Seyfried - Video Clip with lyrics (May 2021)