June 23, 2024

Amel Bent, the confession weight and greediness interview

Amel Bent, you lost 12 kg with Weight Watchers, what did you learn from this program? What did he bring you?
With Weight Watchers, I especially acquired a food hygiene. I learned to eat everything, in the right quantities.

In the past, have you done a lot of diets? How does Weight Watchers Differentiate?
I had never done diet and I do not feel like I'm doing it today, because Weight Watchers is more of a food program than diet. Indeed, there is no deprivation. On the contrary, I eat a lot more in quantity but chasing the "too sweet" and the "too fat". Finally, we do not eat less, we just eat better.

In "My Philosophy", you sing "I have shapes and curves, it serves to warm the hearts". It felt like you were assuming your physique. Today, we feel that these curves are more difficult to bear ...
There is a difference between having shapes and being overweight! When we take 12 kg, we do not fit in his clothes, we are even ashamed to go out in public, we are overweight and that is difficult to understand when we do not live. I have shapes and curves but I want to sublimate them, be firm and toned and especially healthy!

In general, are you greedy? What is your cute catch?
I am not greedy but I have always had a very emotional relationship with food. Before Weight Watchers, I tended to binge on boredom, loneliness or moments of anxiety.

You recently went to the United States to shoot your "Crime" clip. Did you still enjoy a cheesecake or cupcakes?
I think I ate the biggest cheeseburger on earth!

Do you like to cook? If so, what is your specialty?
It's my mom cooking. It's a blue cord, a chef 3 stars and I enjoy it as I live under his roof! She even played the game with Weight Watchers and at home, everyone eats less fat and it does not hurt anyone!

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