June 5, 2020

Amy Adams copies Marylin Monroe's hairstyle

The stars are a sight for us this week. Capillarily speaking, at least. After actress Naomi Watts' pink barbapapa wicks on Wednesday, on the set of the film "St. Vincent Van Nuys" (see our article: Naomi Watts and her pink hair: metamorphosis), another actress created the surprise, this Thursday, on the set of another production. Platinum blonde short cut, bouncy curls, perfectly drawn. One could believe here in the reincarnation of the sublime and divine Marilyn Monroe. And yet ... this is another celebrity: Amy Adams, interpreter of Lois Lane in "Man of Steel". Yes, yes, you read correctly, Amy Adams, known American actress, especially, for her flaming red mane. For the needs of her new film, "Big Eyes", the latter would not hesitate to dye her hair. Unless it's a wig ... which seems to be more plausible.

The beauty was wandering indeed, a few hours later, wearing a long ponytail ... redhead. Phew! This hairstyle blonde, fifties way, did not really fit him, and aged even a little. We therefore largely prefer its shining hair. Brand of the beautiful Amy Adams, this shimmering color has another advantage: it highlights its deep blue eyes. A tip Amy: do not change!

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