December 10, 2023

And if influenza A was only a "grippette"?

This could be considered a step backwards. A few months after the transition to phase 6 of the pandemic alert level of the influenza A by the World Health Organization (WHO) (maximum level), some doctors evoke the idea of ​​a "grippette".
For Pierre Levy, Secretary General of the Confederation of French Medical Trade Unions (CSMF), the health authorities may have gone too far. "Today, 65% of French people do not feel worried about the influenza A, according to a recent Ifop survey and they are right "he explains. "This disease is today a influenza Benign, which affected 1,000 people in France, while flus sometimes up to 20,000 individuals ".
Unlike the beginning of the epidemic, where patients had to go to hospitals for treatment, patients with virus must now go directly and more simply by their doctor. "The Ministry of Health has acknowledged his mistake. Liberal doctors are used to dealing with much more serious health problems than an epidemic of influenza to be treated with paracetamol or antivirals " He added.

According to the latest WHO figures, 130,000 people have been affected worldwide by virus. France has 1,211 cases according to the latest epidemiological bulletin of the influenza Published by the Institut de veille sanitaire (InVS). As a security measure, our country could still go to level 6 alert to influenza A, at the beginning.

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