May 29, 2023

Anna Paquin from True Blood: Watch the bride's short haircut!

Anna Paquin, who has been known since childhood in The Piano Lesson, has come a long way since this film. The beautiful blonde dyed to embody Sookie, the extraordinary young woman completely love a vampire.

The actress has just married her favorite vampire, aka the actor Stephen Moyer, and the two lovers, aged 28 and 40, are at the same time in promotion for the season 3 of True Blood.

Anna Paquin, here at the premiere of True Blood in Hollywood, has a beautiful smile and especially a new haircut! The actress made herself short cut, a square mid-long shoulders with streaks smooth and blond.

The bride remains faithful to her simple and accessible image, and accentuates the "femme fatale" aspect of her haircut with a fiery look. We applaud this classy and contemporary look!

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