September 19, 2020

Anne Hathaway: the secrets of her beauty look

We already imagine the long silhouette of the beautiful Anne Hathaway in "Batman: the Dark Knight rises"! Molded in a black leather jumpsuit, her pretty masked face ... The beauty has gone from the young girl to the femme fatale who makes red carpet her podium.

The gigantic asset of the actress: her porcelain complexion and her XXL smile. A fresh and sexy beauty look that fascinates more and more photographers! The Devil's brunette dresses in Prada has kept her dapper face and her air of girl next door.

Her beauty of star it is the complexion: a diaphanous skin with a fine skin texture, Anne Hathaway does not have to make a lot of effort to look healthy and sincere. Then his doe eyes, huge and dark brown, are planted in yours and disarmed by their kindness. The beauty has only to emphasize them with a kohl and mascara to especially illuminate his pretty face. Of course, her gigantic, candid smile to Julia Roberts gives her a touching and benevolent generosity. A hint of pink on her luscious lips awakes the whole of her face.

As for his hair, the beautiful brunette knows the sunny caramel locks, and likes to leave them long in the back or tied in a bun dancer. A pearl of beauty that takes the lead!

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