December 1, 2021

Anne-Sophie Pic, 3 Michelin stars

Did you hope to receive this coveted star this year?
To be honest I expected it. Since the month of December rumors circulated. Last year I was part of the hopes, which was already a satisfaction in itself. But since I had given birth in October 2005 and had been less present, I knew that I would not have it.

What does this third star really represent for you?
It is an extraordinary joy that rewards the work of a whole team. I admit that if I had not had this year I would have been very disappointed. It will bring me a little serenity When you are a woman, self-taught and from a family of great cooks, this job is a daily struggle. Now, I'm going to turn a page. I found my father's third star.

Would your father be proud of you?
Yes it's sure. This is an ultimate tribute to my father who kept his three stars for 23 years, a record. We lost the third shortly after his death. We fought to get her back. This is the first time three generations of cooks have won this award. It allows me to talk about the work of my father and my grandfather, who were excellent cooks. But at the time all this was less publicized.

Can you say that cooking is genetic?
Genetics? I do not know. What I know is that we love to eat well in my family, which undoubtedly implies that we also love to cook.

Will this third star not be a source of additional pressure?
No, I do not think so. We have always had the spirit of rigor. I will try to live that in serenity and continue to progress as I have always done. I will not rest on my achievements. I think this third star will bring me a certain maturity in my kitchen.

Is there a difference between a chef's kitchen and a chef's kitchen?
I do not think so. Cooking is more a question of perception and sensitivity than of a man or a woman. The only thing that could change in the future is the learning of women leaders. Today self-taught or from families of cooks, future generations will come out of specialized schools.

Is it difficult to reconcile family life and leadership?
It is certain that since the birth of my son, I have changed my pace of life. I found a balance. Before, my husband and I were completely devoted to this job. But today, I do not want my son to suffer. Since a few years my husband joined the company. It is obviously a more considerable one. We have the same pace of work, it's easier to manage on a daily basis.

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