December 1, 2021

Anorexia: why does not my daughter want to eat?

If the anorexic refuses to eat, it is because she has only one fear: to grow. This is not a simple teen problem that will grow. No, anorexia is a good disease of psychological origin that requires special care.

This eating behavior disorder (TCA) is rooted in child-related trauma. It can also be caused by fear of growing up or becoming a woman. Indeed, in some cases, the teenager has difficulty in assuming the transformations of her body at puberty. The disease allows to stop this phenomenon. Hungry, the girl keeps her child forms and her rules disappear.

The responsible media?

The origin of this disorder is also societal. Women's magazines are full of images of sometimes skeletal models. These skinny women body retouched so unreal become an ideal for some teenagers who embark on diets.

Seeing herself lose weight, the girl feels a kind of euphoria to control her body, her weight. Why stop there since we can lose weight even more? If no one intervenes to make him understand the seriousness of the situation, the teenager can switch to anorexia nervosa if her psychological ground is favorable there.

Feeling hungry, the anorexic feels to exist. For some teens, the disease is a way to assert oneself, a way to mark their independence vis-à-vis their loved ones. But this pathology is primarily a reflection of low self-esteem.

My Eating Disorder. (December 2021)