January 31, 2023

Anti-cold care

Anti-cold body care
In winter, the body idles to preserve its heat. The physiological functions leave our skin somewhat, which is therefore less well hydrated. Nourishing and cocooning your skin becomes more than ever a reflex to acquire, especially for dry skin.

Cream care ultra repairing Vendome, 5.50? in supermarkets

Soothing moisturizing body milk Calmance Roc, 200 ml: 15? in pharmacies

Cream Trixéra d'Avène, 12,90? in pharmacies

Anti-cold facial care
If the cold is particularly keen, do not hesitate to use very greasy creams heavily dosed in waxes and oils. Nevertheless, most brands offer down jacket formulas for the face without the greasy effect. The goal: to soothe, nourish and cuddle the skin!

Total comfort, care of day Garnier, 50 ml: 5,90?

Care Soothing Moisturizing Day Cream, 50 ml: 4,58?

Nutri-délice, extreme tasty cream of Décléor, 50 ml: 44?

Anti-cold lip care
The lips ask for a care attentive, because we tend to wet them, which weakens them even more. Practical and nomadic, sticks are both protective and repairing. Mostly composed of allantoin, they repair the parched lips.
For perfect, glowing lips, gently remove your small dead skin with a damp kleenex before applying it. care.

Klorane lip balm: 4.30?

Decleor cuddly lip stick: 12?

Care Dr. Hauscka's lips, 7.50? in natural store

Anti-cold care for your hands

The hands undergo a desiccation due to the cold, which causes a skin aging. Remember that the skin of the hands is thinner - therefore more fragile - and contains fewer sebaceous glands. As a result, she suffers a greater dehydration.
To take care from your hands, start by putting on gloves for all household chores. You will avoid chapped and cracked, unsightly, but especially very painful!
When you go out, put a protective cream, based on glycerine or glycerol for their softening properties. Wear gloves to keep them warm.

Aderma hand cream, 50 ml: 6,10?

Neutrogena mild texture hand cream, 6.50?

Phytomials of Phytoderm, tube 50 ml, 10?


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