October 4, 2023

Anti-legged shopping: top care

Enriched with camphor, in chestnut or in menthol: it is the icicles effect, the lightness is assured ... Discover our selection.

To combine thinness and lightness

Green tea and menthol gel from Bio Biguine.
Anti-cellulite and anti-water massage gel from Mixa.

To relieve and lighten the heavy legs

Weleda copper tonic gel.
Relaxing gel for the legs with Weleda citrus oils.

To add in your bath (at 32 ° C)

Refreshing bath with Weleda's chestnut.

To deflate and soothe your legs

Milk legs heavy Clarins.
Ginseng leg cream from Tché-Hào.

Dietary supplements to reduce the feeling of heavy legs

Red grape - blackcurrant - Marc de Grape (90 tablets) from Fleurance Nature.

To decongest and accelerate blood circulation

The beauty salon treatment: endermo-draining light legs of LPG.

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