April 17, 2024


The market : 1 box of eggs Salmon (or trout), 2 slices of Salmon or other smoked fish, 100g of feta, 1 cucumber, endives, lemons, capers, shallot.

Cucumber toasts with salmon eggs
Cut a cucumber into slices of about 5 mm and place a layer of egg Salmon, then sprinkle with juice lemon

Endive boats with tuna mousse
Mix a box of tuna with natural cheese 0% fat until you get a creamy mixture, add juice lemon salt, pepper. Drop a teaspoon of this mixture into half endive leaves. Decorate with capers or chopped raw shallot.

Mini skewers of smoked salmon
Cut a few slices of Salmon smoked into strips 2 cm wide and about 10 cm long.
Detail a slice of feta into cubes 2 cm apart.
On wooden toothpicks, prick a thong of Salmon folded accordion, 1 cube of feta and a quarter of slice of lemon cut fine.

Debordo Leekunfa - Apéritif Yamoukidi (April 2024)