May 28, 2024

Aquabike, hydromassage: aquagym luxury version in institute

The aquagym group version of twenty or thirty people and in a big swimming pool we know. Only some of us prefer to practice this activity in small groups and the beauty and wellness institutes have understood it well. Today you can find private aquagym or aquabiking lessons. The development of tailor-made coaching attracts many athletes and we note that the clientele is becoming more and more demanding.


To find your happiness, you can go to the Cellulite Aquagym Institute. The aquabike course is practiced in a small swimming pool and we are never more than three! Most ? The coach deals personally with each client. If you want to work in a particular area of ​​your body, the coach takes care of you!


According to Laura Namias, head of the center, "We adapt to the customers because they do not all have the same needs, the same age, nor the same physical conditions". In addition to spending with pleasure, you are reshaping the body. Add to this, very powerful jets of water in each basin for optimal aquadrainage and you will also avoid water retention! Note that this hydromassage system also allows good blood and lymphatic circulation.


The coaches also allow you to see the result of your efforts (and yes it counts!) By taking your pants as a comparator. They evaluate the difference of sensation that you have in this same pants between the first session and during the fifth or sixth session. For Laura Namias, "we do not necessarily have to go until the tenth session, and then we feel so well and rested after being in the water, that we have only one desire is to 'to go back there. I even have clients who admit they do not want to come, but as soon as the class is over, they are happy. "


A personalized service that can enchant more than one. To maintain your body, one session per week is enough, if you maintain a healthy lifestyle. It costs 16 euros for a session of 30 minutes of water aerobics.


Where to go ?
Cellulite Institute aquagym
76 Boulevard Malesherbes
75008 Paris
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