May 29, 2023

Aquarius Horoscope 2015 - Health

Aquarius Horoscope 2015 - What health for you in 2015?

First trimester :
Less likely to be over-excitable than in the past, you will have little exposure to liver problems and the troubles associated with high cholesterol levels. The natural defenses of your body will work effectively, and you will be able to fight successfully against microbial and viral attacks. In addition, sleep disorders will disappear.
Second trimester : Even if you are over your head to respect the rules of dietetics, do not commit all too much gastronomic excesses; otherwise beware of cholesterol! On the other hand, your natural defenses will be slightly weakened, and you will need to be more vigilant against microbial and viral attacks.
Third trimester : You will have a very good morale, and this will be the essential element to maintain excellent fitness and healthy health. However, beware of excesses, both gastronomic and sexual. In one area as in the other, be gourmet and not greedy.
Fourth trimester : You will show a lot of endurance and good physical resistance. Think about doing what you need to lose a kilo or two. Redo precautions against spasmophilia and other anxiety-related disorders. In addition to a suitable treatment, a thalassotherapy cure will do you the greatest good. Be sure, also, to provide you with great moments of relaxation, so as not to live too much on the nerves.

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