February 22, 2020

Arabic Horoscope 2014 - Sword

Arabic Horoscope 2014 - all about the sword

First trimester
: Your life will be subject to a lot of upheavals during this time. You will need to be flexible to accommodate these changes gracefully. The overall evolution of the situation will not make you particularly happy, but will prove very beneficial in the long run. Sometimes you will be inclined to agitate yourself, to enforce your rights. But you will have to avoid a procedure, because you would have to deal with more than you, and despite your calculating mind and your fighting spirit you would not be able to parry all the blows. Your love life will be in the spotlight: you will seduce brilliantly, and you will add treasures of spirit to your natural plume. Your relationship with children will be more relaxed and warmer than usual. Take the time to rest if you want to avoid an overload that will blunt your faculties and affect your morale. The planetary turbulence will subject you to an atmosphere of struggle, even adversity in the work; many mishaps or delays in perspective; but you will come out winner if you know how to keep a low profile and especially to show patience.

Second trimester : The stars will give you this period a donation for the organization. More than ever you will be able to see things from high and far and easily measure problems. You will know how to go to the heart of the difficulty and find the way to overcome the pitfalls. If you are responsible or boss, you will surround yourself with competent people to inspire confidence. Very little susceptible to fatigue, you will be able to sustained efforts and even violent. Do not complain about the brevity of existence, rather enjoy all the pleasures that life offers you. A bit of diplomacy will help defuse a dangerous situation. Attend to an objective interpretation of the facts. Be careful in your dealings with your family members; the atmosphere in your home will be electric, and a badly thought word or a misplaced gesture would have the effect of setting fire to the powder!

Third trimester : Native of the sign, you will be among the great beneficiaries of the astral concentrations in the House I at this time. These will tend to reward prudence, seriousness, discipline. They will involve the revenge of realism, of patience, to the detriment of utopia, misplaced daring and adventurism. Anything that requires intuition will be favored. Material luck will be able to play, with unexpected cash inflows. Trust your loved ones: you will not have to regret it. Be content with what you have instead of always chasing after what you would like to have. There will be a challenge in your attitude, and a desire for independence will animate you. Difficult relationships with children

Fourth trimester : Warning ! You will often have the wave to the soul at this time, judging by your astral sky. Your life may be disrupted, which will not be important in itself, but may cause you to react disorderedly. Do what you have to do as conscientiously as possible, assume your responsibilities with good grace, and wait until the fogs rise. Avoid excesses of all kinds, including sensual excesses. You may have sudden blows of fatigue and a total lack of appetite; occasionally take a few dates and a cup of semi-skimmed milk. Beware of disagreements with your spouse: they could lead to a serious sentimental crisis if you are not careful! Unexpected visitors may disrupt your family life. Are you in a bad mood? You need to change your mind by indulging in an exciting hobby.

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