January 16, 2022

Arabic Horoscope 2015 - Ax

Arabic Horoscope 2015 - The Ax

First trimester
: Under the impetus of the stars, you will proceed in this period to a deep interior evolution. You will have to settle your accounts with the past, which will give you new energy and strength. Try to prioritize your projects, and focus on those that are most important to you and that are achievable now. Good progress in your work, but risks of tensions or conflicts of authority with colleagues or colleagues. At work, do not take sides with anyone; you will want to stay neutral. Venous circulation could have failures; substantially reduce your consumption of animal fat. Family jealousies in perspective, but things will settle quickly, without damage.

Second trimester
Be clever enough not to seek recognition of your merits through words, but only through concrete actions and deeds. You'd like to know why ? Well, "one never speaks of oneself without loss: the own convictions are always increased, the praises are reduced." (Montaigne). You will arrive without much trouble to make the most of any situation. You will focus on eliminating all the problems that may disrupt family harmony. Very prosperous period for your loves; the opposite sex will not resist your charm attacks. Make your rear, because the chance is always capricious. Your cholesterol level will begin to increase a little, not so much because of your diet, but mostly because of stress; do everything possible to relax during and after work.

Third trimester If you think that your existence is like a tangled skein, take patience: time will inevitably unravel the threads. "Time is a great master, he regulates many things." (Crow). You can count on the openness and honesty of your friends. It will be necessary to question some of the choices you have made with fervor and conviction. In the work, your creative imagination will be at its peak, and you will have a good chance of getting the promotion you dreamed of. Life of a couple subjected to bad weather. Overall, you will want to be very careful in managing your finances; do not spend for what is useful, but only for what is absolutely essential.

Fourth trimester :Astral influxes of the trimester will often include the risk of depressive tendencies; sometimes wanting to do something else, to be somewhere else, to drown in a cloud of tobacco smoke, in the mists of alcohol or under a flood of medicines. It will be important to do everything to stay away from artificial paradises of all kinds. Parents of young natives will have to seek to protect them against a possible use of drugs. Speculation and games will not be favored in this period. On the other hand, any routine or long-term work will have the blessing of the stars. You will be very inclined to get upset and to argue with everyone: you will have to master. In your relationship with your family, you should put some water in your wine. In your sentimental life, you will be less irreducible than usual, you will even be ready to make concessions to maintain a climate of harmony.

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