May 29, 2023

Arabic Horoscope 2015 - Sword

Arabic Horoscope 2015 - The Sword

First trimester
: Always try to step back from your current problems, knowing that "what troubles men is not things, it is the judgments they make about things." (Epictetus). It would be very harmful, if not suicidal, to hold things to heart. A certain detachment, a certain objectivity and a pinch of sense of humor will help you to see your problems in their own and real perspectives and to see the appropriate solutions. Beware of food poisoning! To avoid rapid growth of bacteria, never defrost frozen foods at room temperature. Refrigerate, or better, in the microwave just before cooking. Your big projects will grow much faster than you dare to imagine. You will have much merit in wanting to continue what you have undertaken. Indeed, you will face delays, resistances and obstructions of all kinds.

Second Quarter : You will be asked questions that no one could answer. But do not you think that your metaphysical preoccupations are only a means of cheating with yourself by giving importance to hypothetical future complications, whereas it would be wiser to live well in this world and from now ? You will have the opportunity to start an intense relationship with a stranger or a person encountered during a trip. The elimination system will be defective: remember to drink a lot of still water. In the work, it will be time to put yourself to the test and face a certain bad mood. Do not be so uncompromising, otherwise, beware of the backlash!

Third Trism : This will be the best time to clean up your life, put an end to the general mess and confusion. Otherwise your Bohemian behavior will soon cause you serious trouble of all kinds. Remember that "it is in order that virtue is held." (Latin proverb) The moment will be well chosen to make transformations in your home but still and especially in yourself. In your business, do not try too hard: you will exhaust your strength or exceed your means. Your chances of winning at a game of chance will be particularly good. Venous weakness; go jogging. As a family, you are not looking for a solution for a long time: it is already here!

Fourth trimester : Favored by the cozy astral atmosphere of the quarter, you will have a great chance to be reconciled with yourself and with the world. It will be a good thing for you because "contentment is like a philosopher's stone that turns everything it touches into gold." (English proverb) The period will be favorable to the development of your artistic gifts, however modest they may be; take note of it. You should also take advantage of your inner peace to think of love and, where appropriate, marriage. A union, decided and especially contracted during this quarter will have excellent chances of success. A vague feeling of anxiety will hinder your usual impulses. Rest assured, nothing serious can happen to you. Be very careful in handling money: you could be the victim of a scam. The stomach, liver and intestine will be weakened; eat lighter and drink plenty of water. You might feel some irritation with some indelicate friends.

Aunya (May 2023)