February 29, 2024

Ariane Moffatt under a beautiful star

Meet Ariane MoffattIt's a bit like finding a lost girlfriend. From the outset, the singer asks me if we can be tutelage and do not hesitate to talk about the dark side that lived during the writing of his second album. Yet, this 27-year-old woman has an energy and a joie de vivre that charms from the first contact.

Where are you from ?
I come from the suburbs of Quebec, but arrived at the age of 10 in Montreal. My parents were not musicians at all, they worked in education, but encouraged me to go after this passion. Since I was little, I have always been attracted to music and keyboards. Then in high school, I had a teacher who made us stage musicals, which made me more aware of the singing and the stage.

What made you want to study then the theory of music
I think it's important to know the music to make. I wanted to discover this world to the fullest. From start to finish, these are decisive meetings that allowed me first to be a chorister for well-known Quebec singers (Marc Déry and Daniel Bélanger ed), then to release my first album Aquanaute in 2002.

This album was a great success right out and you have won many awards. How did you live it?
What is strange is that success has turned me upside down. In fact, I felt a little lost. I wanted to go to Mali, take a step back. But it was at that moment that I met M, with whom I took over the song Ma belle étoile. From this meeting, I canceled my trip to Africa and started writing the heart in my head.

How did you meet M?
In a rather mind-blowing way! I was on the terrace of a Montreal café, in front of my laptop, with M in the background, which I admired enormously. I look up ... and see it in front of me, in the flesh! I went to talk to him and from there we left our collaboration.

You are multi-instrumentalist, which is rather rare in a woman here. Is it more common in Quebec?
I think so. But here I am greeted with great respect, there is no machismo, even if indeed, it looks like a woman is more often an author or performer.

Your latest album is a happy mix of groove, guitars, all rocked by your voice so sweet and so special. Why did you call your style "Rhythm and Grunge"?
I think it reflects the state of mind of the disc, but I'm still embarrassed by this name, which is more than a joke something else, because I do not pretend to launch a musical movement!

Your series of Parisian concerts last spring worked very well. Are you coming back soon?
Yes, I have twelve dates across France in November (All dates on: www.arianemoffatt.fr.) I will be surrounded by three electro jazz musicians.

Ariane Moffatt Spécial Quebec (February 2024)