December 10, 2023

Around the world: the dishes that the candidates might have thought ...

The first test of the ninth episode of Masterchef turned out to be colorful for the remaining candidates. Each of them was indeed placed at random in front of one of the mystery boxes in which they could discover a typical object of a country of the world. Objective: to cook a dish from this country with the ingredients they had in the grocery store. And you, would you have been able to cook a dish traditional made in England, India or China? Discover some ideas to train you!

The typical dishes of England
It was Sabrina who fell on England, without conviction. However, this country, which is not necessarily famous for its gastronomy, nevertheless has some famous specialties. Fish and chips is one of them, but there is also magpie (or meat or chicken pie); roast beef (very prepared for the Sunday family meal); full breakfast with eggs, bacon and beans; or sauces (chutney, Cumberland, Worcestershire) to accompany a meat.

The typical dishes of India
Very well versed in Asian food, Nathalie had to cook a dish Indian in the ninth episode of Masterchef. Spicy and rich in flavored sauce, Indian cuisine offers many possibilities of dishes typical among which is the famous tandoori chicken; poultry or fish curry; the naan (a cake of bread dish flour-based which can be rubbed with garlic or topped with cheese); korma chicken or lamb; vindaloo pork or chicken tikka.

The typical dishes of Mexico
It was Claire who had to take up the challenge of cooking a dish mexican in Masterchef. A challenge that she picked up hands down because she chose to prepare a fish ceviche, but she could also have imagined a recipe guacamole-based; tacos or enchiladas; of the dishes corn-based; and most importantly, yes sutout, dishes spiced. Chili, or chile, is the basis of Mexican food, be careful not to abuse it. In his recipe, Claire showed red to the jurors of Masterchef !

Typical dishes of Italy
Should we really remember the basics of Italian cuisine? As Elisabeth said in Masterchef everyone would have liked to come across Italy because it's easy. But in Masterchefwhich is easy is difficult. "It's true that Italian cuisine is full of culinary treasures and mouth-watering delicacies, such as pasta (spaghetti, canelloni, ravioli, agnolotti). ..) in all forms and decorated with a thousand and one possible accompaniments, but also, pizzas, risotto, mozzarella, parmesan, antipasti, polenta, coffee or for example tiramisu for dessert.

The typical dishes of China

After confusing the portrait of Mao Zedong with that of Stalin, Xavier quickly realized that he had to prepare a good dish Chinese in this new test of Masterchef. This huge country offers many culinary possibilities from one region to another, but among the Chinese specialties we find, in particular, the duck lacquered; bites with steam; yam-cha (which is a type of brunch with bites to taste); imperial pâté or spring rolls; bamboo leaves stuffed with sticky rice; Chinese noodles or Cantonese rice.

The typical dishes of Morocco

Algerian origin, Karim had the chance to fall on Morocco, whose cuisine is not so far. This is the reason why he naturally decided to prepare a tajine. In general, Moroccan cuisine is characterized by a great diversity of dishes from tajines to couscous through pastillas, méchoui; but also dishes lentils, split peas, white or red beans, or dried fruits.

Typical dishes of Spain

It's Olivier who inherited a dish Spanish to prepare in Masterchef and it is only natural that he got down to making a paella. In Spanish cuisine, there is a food: olive oil and among the culinary specialties of the country include tapas, tortillas or serrano ham for example.

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