April 19, 2024

Ashlee Simpson, the secrets of her short haircut

With his thin face and gray eyes, Ashlee Simpson has every interest in clearing his face and adopting a short cutresolutely modern, who will flatter his fine features. In 2011, the young woman made the choice to cut everything and opt for the cut boy. Platinum bleach discolored, black roots apparent, asymmetrical cut and long brushed wick on the forehead, Ashlee Simpson seemed to be walking in the footsteps of a certain Agyness Deyn.

Change of style this smaine with an assagie cut: bye bye roots, hello to the square cut neo bourgeois far wiser ...

After Ginnifer Goowdwin, Michelle Williams, Ashley Simpson revisits the short cut while giving pride of place to the lengths that feminize a short cut.

The plus: the asymmetrical fringe, glamorous. How to get the same result? Blow dry with a flat brush and a hair dryer. Place your hair to the side, then brush it several times from the root, in the opposite direction of the shoot. Then, bring the bangs back to the forehead, and apply a hint of hair spray that will give shine and shine to the hairstyle, and voila!

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