June 23, 2024

Aspic, etc: jelly cuisine, summer star

For Sunday, you plan for eggs in jelly, a terrine peas or salmon aspic? If it is an indispensable ingredient for the success of your recipeit's the gelatin sheet. Count on average four sheets for six people, or a bag dedicated to cooking in jelly, for four people.
The art of making jelly
Dip the gelatin sheets one at a time into a large container filled with cold water to soften them. Spin them quickly, then stir them into a hot liquid. This can be a simple pan of simmering water. But to give some taste to your preparations, slip a cube of broth, pour a dash of Porto or whiskey, add a lemon juice ...

While the jelly is cooling, prepare them vegetables : peel, cut, cut. Then, put them in the terrine taking care to make a nice presentation. Then pour the jelly and cool for a few hours.

Asps are a good way to make people eat vegetables, eggs or fish to the whole family. If your toddlers are not fans of jelly, do not hesitate to add mayonnaise, crème fraîche or yogurt to get a slightly different consistency and taste.

Aspics, yes, but what?
You would like to make a jelly for your guests but you lack ideas? Take inspiration from the seasons. In the spring, make a terrine of vegetables primeur. In summer add color with cherry tomatoes and incorporate fish in your recipe. In the fall, bet on sweet and salty and add dried fruits. And in winter, look for noble products such as foie gras, smoked salmon or scallops.

Some practical tips
The demolding stage is often the most delicate. Before pouring your jelly on vegetables where the fish, be sure to line your mold with food film. Otherwise, invest in transparent ramekins. If you can not unmold, you can leave your preparation indoors. The effect of transparency will thus be preserved.
Finally, for dressage, do not forget the lettuce leaf under which to deposit your terrine. Add a few crudités and a homemade salad dressing, and you're done!

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