February 22, 2020

Astro finances 2009 of the Libra

Astro finances 2009 - First quarter: With this aspect of Neptune, a lucky planet, you can expect solid financial protection. Trust your lucky star, she will not let you go. To the point that your income could even increase without you making the least effort for that!
Astro finances 2009 - Second quarter: Under the impact of Uranus and Neptune, two behemoths of Heaven, your financial life can evolve very positively. But be careful, you must avoid being too impulsive under the influence of Uranus. Think before making important decisions. Also be careful not to trust anyone: as soon as Neptune makes its influence felt, there is indeed a risk of deceit or fraud. Beware of unscrupulous associates, and re-read your contracts before signing them. If you respect these two instructions, everything will be fine, and you can even make a fortune!
Astro finances 2009 - Third quarter: If you have been able to live up to your task, your ambitions and your wishes, this time you should get an increase in your income. But do not go and spend all that you will have won immediately. Think instead of placing your winnings: "Leave your money in the dark so that you can see the light" (Maltese proverb).
Astro finances 2009 - Fourth quarter: With the support of Jupiter, your financial balance will be generally protected. That said, pay attention to Pluto in disharmonic aspect! Be careful not to take too much risk in terms of money. For many of you, this period will be marked by a significant financial choice. It is also possible that you change attitude in depth vis-à-vis the money, showing you more detached than before.

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