September 25, 2021

Astrological Portrait of Cancer

How Behaves Cancer
Highly sensitive and intuitive, Cancer has kept from its childhood a great spontaneity and a naturalness that puts others at ease. He did not completely cut ties with his childhood. Very subjective, he finds it difficult to distance himself from what he lives, from nostalgia to enthusiasm. Dreamy, Cancer can seem nonchalant, it works without seeming. He has a great memory and a great tenacity.
Health side
Whimsical and hypochondriac, Cancer varies its mood according to the phases of the Moon. He sometimes has bouts of bulimia, immersing himself in excessive sleep, if he does not feel well. He must pay attention to his stomach, and may suffer from intestinal problems, skin allergies. Their emotional nature also reflects a nervous fragility. A healthy and regulated diet, regular sleep periods and water sports are necessary for its balance.
Heart side
Attachment to childhood is very present in the heart cases of Cancer. His partner must have a lot of stability to compensate for the whimsical and sometimes infantile nature of Cancer. When he joins the couple, Cancer finds its fulfillment, especially at the arrival of children, because it is a parent very "mothering".
Business side
Creative, he is good at writing, painting, cinema, photography. Everything related to history, medicine (pediatrics, psychology, obstetrics), home (decoration) and cooking.
Some famous Cancers: Proust, Cocteau, Modigliani, Rubens, Rembrandt, Corot, Mahler, Rousseau, Harrison Ford, Isabelle Adjani, Cruise Tom, Meryl Streep, Michael George, Robin Williams, Harrison Ford, Jessica Simpson ...

Cancer Watercolor (September 2021)