August 14, 2022

Astrological Portrait of Scorpio

How does Scorpion behave?
Crossed with violent impulses, the Scorpion lives feelings sometimes extreme. He is passionate, both realistic and mystical. It can be hard, destructive and manipulative, like sacrificing yourself for an exhilarating cause. The trials stimulate him and his formidable energy is never better expressed than in adversity. Insightful, he always finds the fault in the other to demolish his arguments ... His sexual instinct pushes him to create and produce.
Health side
The energy of the scorpion allows him to overcome many evils. However, he has a fragility in the genitals, he can suffer from hemorrhoids, sinusitis or rhinitis type affections. His power of self-destruction should not be underestimated and Scorpio wins to do a job on himself. He must lead a healthy life and can channel his energy through the martial arts.
Heart side
Scorpio is passionate, but the loved one must be strong to resist crises, excesses and not be devoured all raw. Governed by his impulses and his sexuality, Scorpio can also be dominated by a destructive instinct for his partner. Curiously, if he founds a family, he will be faithful and watch over his children.
Business side
Scorpion can engage in medicine (psychiatry, psychology, surgery) or the intelligence trades. He may be attracted to the occult sciences, politics, art, archeology ...
Some famous Scorpions: Albert Camus, Bruegel, Picasso, Paganini, Louis Malle, Alain Delon, Andre Malraux, Sophie Marceau, Demi Moore, Winona Ryder, Meg Ryan, Ethan Hawke, Jodie Foster ...

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