August 14, 2022

At home we do not celebrate Christmas

Christine, 36: No Christmas, but Hanukkah!

"As you know, the families Jews do not celebrate Christmas, but they still have a party to celebrate in December: it is Hanukkah, the festival of lights. During this feast, everyone lights a candle from an eight-branched candlestick each night of the week. In order to celebrate Hanukkah, a gift is also exchanged daily for eight days.

So at home, no Santa Clausno little Jesus and no manger. To compensate, we still gave in on the decor: children can decorate the apartment a little as they wish during "the holidays". And so they do not feel unhappy when their boyfriends talk to them about Christmas and that they understand that it is not necessarily better beside, December 24th we organize a good meal and we receive from the family or friends to mark it! "
Véronique, 44 years old: Christmas rhymes with sorrow

"I lost my son the night of Christmas, six years ago. Justin was only 17 years old and a scooter accident won. At the time, I loved Christmas. Each year, we were all gathered around a good meal, a good fire, in joy and good humor and we spent two wonderful days together. Christmas had never disappointed me before that terrible night when my child passed away.

Since then, I refuse to celebrate Christmas. It is no longer a party for me, it is a day of mourning, particularly long and painful. So, to avoid crossing all these families happy and serene before and during the holidays, I land at home for two or three weeks. My husband can tear his hair, I refuse to leave the house while the big show of Christmas is played in the city. My heart would not stand it.

My familyshe started to celebrate Christmas Four years ago. My two children, Alice, 19, and Jérémy, 16, felt that their older brother would not have wished that Christmas a period so black. It is their father who takes care to find them gifts and the evening of the Eve, they go to their grandparents home, a few tens of kilometers from us.

I know my kids feel guilty about leaving me alone that night, but it's better like that, I prefer to know them happy while I think about my little guy who went far too early. They too are suffering, their childhood was somehow stolen six years ago, so I encourage them to change their minds! "

"Celebrate Me Home" *** Kenny Loggins (August 2022)