October 5, 2022

Aubade, the saga of the brand

Organic: founded in 1958 by Claude Pasquier, Aubade is a French brand of lingerie high-end feminine. This brand has been very successful since the 1990s thanks to an advertising campaign based on posters of seduction lessons. We know all these famous Aubage lessons that lavish sensual messages and out of the ordinary. The photos are naughty, they reveal beautiful unknowns with veiled curves by the lingerie Aubade. What to fantasize men and women around the world. True myth of seduction, Aubade was able to create a sensual image with a lot of humor. This is certainly the mark of lingerie most popular among men. The price range remains quite high, Aubade so flirt with luxury to make it all the more inaccessible!
The spirit of the brand : refinement and elegance characterize this brand! When it was founded in the 1960s, Aubade has an extremely innovative approach. At that time lingerie is first seen as a functional product, Aubade was one of the first brands to consider lingerie as a product of pleasure of the eyes and which remains comfortable at the same time. In 1972, Aubade invents the first bra strapless ; in 1974 he thinks of the staple on the front of the bra ; in 1979 it is the turn of the tanga to appear and in 1998 Aubade creates a calendar that knows a tremendous success. Lace, English embroidery, satin, silk all these noble materials come to nest on the lingerie Aubade.
most : Aubade also creates a line of very glamorous swimwear, two pieces, a piece, headband ... Everything is designed with great elegance.

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