July 12, 2024

Autistic children: which therapy to accompany them?

Psychoanalysis inappropriate for autism?
According to the report produced by the HAS, the psychoanalytical sessions would have no interest for the children autistic and would be ineffective. Yet in France, the use of psychoanalysts and education centers is still relevant. According to specialists, autism is the result of a bad relationship between parents and children, and is similar to an affective disorder. However, since 2010, it is no longer recognized as a psychiatric disease but as a neurological disorder that has its origins in genetics. Internment, psychoanalysis sessions and neuroleptics would not be a solution to improve the lives of children autistic.

Educational therapies to advance children with autism
While no treatment currently exists to cure autism - a behavioral and social disorder - there are several alternative methods around the world to help those who suffer from it live better lives. In many countries, children autistic people follow therapies that rely on repetition, training. This is the case of the "ABA" method, which establishes a diagnosis of the behavior of thechildwhich is then stimulated by a specialized team and his family several hours a week. This therapy aims to improve the communication and behavior of thechild.

Towards a new method to fight against autism
A new treatment called "Early Start Denver Model", recently discovered through a study, could change the way therapies for children autistic. The latter would indeed make it possible to improve the behavior of children autistic but also their intellectual abilities from the age of 18 months. The process is based on the intervention of para-professionals with thechild autistic for several hours a day. During this time, techniques are put in place to develop a relationship with thechild and increase his understanding of the world around him. Out of this program, the children would no longer be considered autistic but only with mild mental disorders.

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