November 30, 2021

Autumn-Winter 2012/2013 fashion: the autumn print

A print represents a real universe, it can unconsciously remind us of a distant memory or simply correspond to our state of mind of the moment. The motifs also testify to an open-mindedness: often inspired by universes and cultures from elsewhere, the prints are reworked in terms of fashion with a momentum of modernity, which makes them crisp. The cashmere print for example (star of the summer that we find this winter) comes from Indian fabrics. It encourages us to dream thanks to its shape resembling a cloud. The print immediately reflects a part of our personality or at least what we agree to show. Brocade for example is very luxurious, it suggests a taste for refined things. This winter, no questions to opt for monochrome looks, we are inspired by the flagship print of the season to dress originality. We even allow the mixes of prints, provided they are well made! Between vintage impetus and noble touch, the podiums of the autumn-winter 2012/2013 highlight a multitude of very luxurious prints. We have decoded for you the inevitable prints of the season.

The vintage flowering trend
Colorful flowers in winter ?! The winter 2012 podiums prove that this is possible. Small flowers are usually associated with the flagship prints of summer, they bring gaiety and romance to our looks. From now on we can also enjoy winter! This very positive print highlights our girly side. But beware, we will not wear any flower print! It must be vintage and remind us of a tapestry adorning the walls of our grandmother's house. A strand kitsch, this print is the great novelty to adopt as soon as the fall. The stars are already addicted, Emma Stone, a true avant-garde in fashion, has already adopted the vintage floral print on the red carpet. makes a pretty deciphering of Emma Stone's look in Dolce & Gabbana.
(From left to right: Dolce & Gabbana, Balmain, Valentino)

The brocade printed trend
Luxurious and noble, this fabric is very rich because it is decorated with gold or silver threads on a silk support generally. Of Eastern origin, this print has long been adopted in the West. This winter, he is a guest star on many ready-to-wear fashion shows. Its noble aspect does not cease to seduce the biggest houses of Couture and in true fashionista one will adopt it as of the return. The brocade print brings a chic and elegant wind to our winter wardrobe.
(From left to right : Stella McCartney, Marni, Rochas)

The inlay jewelry trend
This winter clothes become jewelry, no need to be burdened with accessories of all kinds, jewelry come directly grafted on the fabrics. The association glitter leather + accessories is part of our heart strokes back to school. Leather is the ultimate grunge material and glitter accessories are the most bling bling. It was therefore necessary to dare the association of the two, it is a real success. For the more shy, you can adopt this trend on a very simple black fabric, the fashion effect is guaranteed!
(From left to right: Lanvin, Dolce & Gabbana, Marni)

The kaleidoscopic print trend
Back to school is the period of return to childhood. Remember, before each school year the time spent looking for what you will be able to put to meet your new friends (yes, there is no age to be infected with the fashionista syndrome). This season, the podiums showcase a very childish print that will brighten up our return to the office after a well-deserved holiday: the kaleidoscopic print. It can sometimes be a bit sore, so be careful not to accessorize too much to let the spotlight on our winter looks.
(From left to right: Hermès, Kenzo, Louis Vuitton)

The cashmere / Indian print trend
The paisley print softens our summer, it brings him a printed very worked in pastel colors very pleasant. This winter, he will come back by adopting more natural colors inspired by primary colors. The Indian print is therefore more discreet and becomes very easy to wear. It is appropriate on a little dress to spend a winter at the top of the trends.
(Image: Carven fashion show)

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