April 20, 2024

Autumn-Winter 2012/2013 Fashion: The Color Trends Diary

In each season the mode changes and transitions are more or less smooth. This winter announces the end of color block and powdery hues, giving way to very natural colors. Far from being sullen, the colors of autumn-winter 2012 are bright and vintage at the same time. The color palette ranges from khaki green to red vermeil to all shades of orange. This winter reveals the ability of a shade to create many colors. Black and gray tend to be more discreet and new trends very colorful will help us to spend a winter vitamin. We do not hesitate to bet on a red oversize coat so that winter is as trendy as possible. After sifting through all the ready-to-wear podiums of winter 2012, here is our selection of trendy colors.


The orange trend

This tendency must be seen in a broad sense. The bright orange will give a punchy touch to our looks, but this color will also be able to soften by changing copper, amber or saffron to bring softness to our dressing. Tangerine colors are therefore in the spotlight! The orange is worn in total look to maximize its effect, but it can also be associated with lees wine for example for a more worked result.
(From left to right: Givenchy, Haider Ackermann, Hermes)

The red vermeil trend

Red is usually a sexy and sensual color. The vermilion hue has meanwhile, the ability to bring to any room a touch girly, even childish. Punchy and unexpected, this color can modernize the winter hues. The red vermeil will be perceived as a real warm ray on days of greyness. It is immediately adopted in total look to boost our looks back to school.

(From left to right : Dior, Valentino, Alexander McQueen)

The pink candy trend

Some very soft colors are also appearing in our winter selection. The sweet pink is usually rather popular in the summer, the fall-winter podiums yet announce its entry into the colors of the inevitable winter. This color plunges us into childhood and makes us invariably nostalgic. We like to wear it on pieces that play on the transparency, while lightness, the dragee pink will come to rock our wardrobe back to school.

(From left to right: Alexander McQueen, Valentino)

The green trend khaki

The military influence, even tomboy is growing on the podiums fall-winter 2012. We are inspired by the male dressing to make our looks paradoxically more sexy. The khaki is one of the essential colors of the season. It is a discreet color and all-purpose at the beginning, winter 2012 gives it a glittering air by placing it in the center of all attentions. Here are some tips on how to wear khaki this winter.

(From left to right: Gucci, Barbara Bui, Haider Ackermann)

The emerald green trend

We stay in the natural greens, but this time the podiums are inspired by precious stones. The trends of winter highlight a tint more flashy, more dressed and more showy. The emerald green has the ability to brighten the complexion, it also brings a luxurious wind on our dressing of the winter. So we put on the emerald green in the evening to be sure not to go unnoticed!

(From left to right: Gucci, Lanvin, Elie Saab)

The klein blue trend

Blue is present in many forms in the ready-to-wear collections of winter: cobalt blue, klein blue, midnight blue ... We have notably spotted blue klein on several podiums. This authoritative color suggests a woman sure of her, we like to wear in total look or associated with black to shake all the fashion conventions. Indeed, a rule dating from yesteryear states that it is not allowed to associate blue with black, this combination would be vulgar. As for the Klein blue and black combination, it gives off something elegant and strict at the same time. The whole being very attractive.
(From left to right: Carven, Stella McCartney, Givenchy)

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