June 13, 2024

Avocado, an amazing fruit!

Thelawyer is the fruit of avocado. It is grown in Spain, Mexico (its country of origin), Israel, the West Indies and South Africa. The avocado is a tree that is easy to grow, but it takes 3 to 4 years after planting to give fruit. He needs a very permeable soil to draw water from. Its roots descend very little in the ground and are therefore very fragile. They would suffer a lot from being drowned if only 24H. For all gardening enthusiasts, know that avocado, to flourish properly, needs a little attention!

Thelawyer never ripens on the tree, either it falls to the ground when it is green and hard, or it is picked before ripening. Once picked, the lawyers ripen very quickly: they have a maximum of 12 days to reach the country in which they are consumed.

The season of thelawyer is in full swing between spring and summer, more precisely from April to September. We like to eat it in salads, guacamole, or simply with vinaigrette. When you buy a lawyerit is important to feel them. If you want to consume it within 24 hours, choose a lawyer flexible. If you are thinking of eating it a little later, take the hard part.

Our tip: to have a lawyer ripe, nothing more simple. Just wrap it in newspaper and put it next to a banana in a paper bag.

Nutritional values ​​of thelawyer per 100 grams
200 calories
Protide: 1.7 mg
Carbohydrate: 6 mg
Lipid: 20 mg

WOW! Amazing Agriculture Technology - Avocado Tree (June 2024)