May 30, 2020

Avoiding influenza A: daily actions

To miss out on the influenza A, the first reflex is to wash your hands frequently with soap and water. Because on average, we have the bad habit of putting his hand on his mouth every two hours. You think that running your fingers under a trickle of water removes microbes? False. To eradicate germs, nothing like soap or a gel provided for this purpose. In addition, you must clean your handcuffs before each meal (especially if you cook), after every washroom and home at night.

Why wash your hands back from work? Simply because virus can stay alive 24 hours on a lift button or on a door. And the more employees there are, the higher the risk of contamination.

Another action to take to avoid catching the influenza A: Use disposable tissues for single use. Keeping your handkerchief in your pocket is tempting to avoid emptying a tissue box in a day, but it is necessary. Indeed, germs proliferate in the paper tissue and we always find more when we reuse.

Avoiding handshakes is also recommended to get through the cracks virus. One in two out of the toilet without washing their hands, result, the bacteria pass from hands to hands, then to the level of the mouth, doors, in short everywhere.

Finally, it is essential to ventilate the rooms of his house. Recycle the atmosphere of the house decreases the concentration of virus in the ambient air.

How to Prevent Getting and Spreading Novel H1N1 Flu (May 2020)