July 12, 2024

Bérénice Bejo and her braided crown at the Cannes Film Festival

It has been three years since Bérénice Bejo spent a big part of his month of May in Cannes, for the Festival. In 2011, the actress came to present "The Artist" with Michel Hazanavicius and Jean Dujardin. He had won the Men's Interpretation Award. In 2012, Bérénice Bejo had dazzled Cannes as mistress of ceremony. This year, the actress is back to present in competition the film "The Past" by Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi. Before the climb of the steps of the evening, there is of course the photocall. Dressed all in blue, the French woman was amazed with a hairstyle original which did not fail to make its effect.

On hair of a pretty hazel color with some coppery highlights (probably the last traces of her red color, adopted in 2012 shortly before her best actress Caesar), Bérénice Bejo had opted for a braided crown, starting from his neck and back on his forehead. All the more plated possible because we know it at Cannes film festival there is always a lot of wind, so if you want to prevent the hair from flying around and spoil the photos, it is better that everything is well attached. A hairstyle simple but original that we rarely seen on the actress.

Side make-up, light and bright for Bérénice Bejo, with a clear complexion, perfect to take the light cannoise and not too painted to avoid the plaster effect. On the eyes, a beautiful brown makeup with pencil inside the upper and lower eyelids can enlarge the look. The glamorous detail: a slightly red mouth, bitten red, as Americans say. A simple and effective beauty of Cannes.

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