August 14, 2022

Babar, a young grandfather

Born in 1931 under the pen of Jean de Brunhoff, Babar is the friend of three generations of children, with whom he shared his adventures. To celebrate the 75 years of success of the King of Elephants, a tribute will be made throughout 2006.

On the program, a large audiotel competition to win gifts offered by licensed brands, Babar educational kits offered by the site Hachette Education kindergarten classes in the hexagon, an anniversary stamp published by La Poste on the occasion of Stamp Fair, a new line of collector products ... He will also be the star of a new album and will be the subject of a new animated series in 3D.
Decidedly, at 75, King Babar is in great shape!

Babar: King of The Elephants (Full Movie) (August 2022)