June 9, 2023

Babar goes back to kindergarten with your kids

To celebrate this event, the manufacturer of school items and grading, Viquel, revisits the series Babar and the adventures of Badou. The manufacturer has decided to decline these characters in school leather for the coming back to school in September 2011. This new range, rich in color, will make children happy. Note that this school material has adapted and ideal forms for entry into mother.

The Babar backpack (15.42 euros)

The kit: 4.71 euros

The binder (20.18 euros)
The roulette bag (33.92 euros)

Babar is a timeless hero who has fascinated many generations. And today's parents will be sensitive to the development of this intergenerational bond with the little ones. We also remind you that the series Babar and the badou adventures has been airing since last winter in 3D on television. Oh progress!

Back to School with Franklin Special (June 2023)