June 9, 2023

Babies smarter than we imagine!

Babies in mom's womb
It is from the years 2000 that the look on the intelligence of the babies has evolved. New experiments have shown that they are sensitive to light from the seventh month of intrauterine life. When they are born, their vision is imperfect, but very real. It has also been established that before 6 months, babies are already intelligent: they know how to recognize and classify objects, sounds, colors. In fact, everything starts sixteen days after fertilization: the brain of babies born. After the birth, neuronal connections multiply.


The coded language of babies
At maternity already, the intelligence of babies expresses itself through a well-honed communication. They react and communicate with their parents and caregivers. A few weeks old, they use an arsenal of mimicry: grimaces, little screams, eyes narrowed or rounded. An experiment conducted in 1988 proved that during the night, babies are already very intelligent: their faces repeat the mimicry they will use during the day. They would have nearly 1500 under their belt! And as their emotional intelligence works, a dialogue can take place. So when parents respond with other mimicry, it enriches the expressive potential of babies who learn by imitating the adult. Sensitive to the tone of voice, gestures and body language, they distinguish feelings such as joy, anger, or anxiety.


Physics and mathematics infants
3 months old, the babies understand that an object remains the same behind a wall. Their intelligence allows them to record the notions of permanence of an object and trajectory.
As early as 4 months, these little malignants are mentally capable of performing basic additions and subtractions (1 + 1 = 2; 1-1 = 0). Laboratories have successfully experimented.
From 10 months, the babies also ask all their senses to represent the object: they taste it by bringing it to the mouth and touch it to imagine its relief or its size. They also understand that objects do not move alone. We must act to put them into action. Hence their irresistible desire to drop several times the same object from their high chair!

How Babies Are Smarter Than You Think (June 2023)