August 16, 2022

Baby blues, ultrasound ... The primer of pregnancy


This is the scientific term for the absence of rules. The duration of the pregnancy can be calculated as weeks of amenorrhea (from the first day of absence of menstruation) or weeks of pregnancy.

Baby blues

Feeling of sudden depression that occurs just after birth. The young mother cries for no apparent reason. This upheaval is usually temporary. The baby blues often appears on the 3rdth day and disappears a few days later?

Mucous plug

Formed with mucus, it is located at the level of the pass. He protects baby external bacteria. He is evacuated just before?delivery.


This surgical procedure involves incising the abdominal wall of the pregnant woman to extract the baby. The obstetrician practices it when the health of the fetus or the mother is in danger.


By sending ultrasounds into the uterine cavity, this exam helps to monitor the fetal evolution and to identify any problems. It is recommended to do at least 3 ultrasounds: one to 12th week of amenorrhea, another at 22th and one last at the 32thweek of amenorrhea.

Ectopic pregnancy

Pregnancy which occurs in the fallopian tubes instead of in the uterus. It must be interrupted because it represents a danger to the health of the woman concerned.


Method of birth preparation based on emotional ties between parents and the fetus.


A woman who has already been pregnant is referred to as "multiparous".


Muscle of the uterus.


Local anesthesia which is practiced at the level of the spinal cord and allows to give birth in a less painful way.


Is this the expected date?delivery, or between the 37thand the 42th week of amenorrhea.



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