April 17, 2024

Baby care: 10 tips to change baby

Stool and urine can be irritating to the delicate skin of the infant. Before putting on a diaper, it is important to clean baby using preferably water and soap at neutral pH. We must rinse and dry all the folds. If you welcome your first baby, you may need a currency exchange rate? Here are some tips and tricks to change things baby.

-Do not undress completely baby Everytime. It is only necessary to discover the lower part of the body and slightly raise the body.

- Lay it on a clean towel.

- Open the layer. Before the pan before the diaper, wipe the buttocks and fold the diaper on itself by placing it under the buttocks.

- Clean the buttocks with a washcloth, always clean, cotton soaked in water and soap or wipes, very practical when you move a lot with baby. The toilet of the buttocks must be performed from top to bottom, that is to say from the cleanest to the dirtiest.

- Raise your buttocks by holding your ankles, remove the dirty layer and place the clean change by putting the belt at the waist.

- Dry your buttocks gently with a towel, paying attention to the folds of the skin. That's when Mom can apply a cream that will protect the seat from the irritating contact of urine and stool and that will also prevent redness.

- Close the layer and check if the belt is just above the belly button.

- Tighten and check that you can pass a finger between the belt and the belly before fixing the tights.

- Release the elastics of the crotch and position them on the top of the thigh to prevent irritation.

- Never move away from the changing table because falls are unfortunately very frequent. Therefore, you have to get used to keeping a hand flat on your baby during the exchange.


How to clean little girls?

The lips should be gently removed to remove stool stains with a wet, soap-free cotton.

How to clean little boys?

One must wash one's penis and the end of the foreskin with a cotton swab without soap. Before closing the diaper, you have to move your cock down to prevent your belly from getting wet.

When to change?

Some mothers of family prefer to change their baby before feeding or baby bottle. Other parents do it afterwards. However, it is best to change at least every meal to never leave it with dirty buttocks.

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