May 23, 2022

Baby food: at Petit Terraillon, we think about moms

Today, there is a return to the roots and these mothers of family rather prefer the "homemade". To cook and mix, the culinary preparer is the accessory that must be in all kitchens.

Petit Terraillon innovated by launching Petit Gourmet, the only culinary preparer equipped with two independent "steam" cookers. You should know that the two independent 'steam' cookers are also used as bottle warmers and jars.

Learn more about the two independent steam cookers: the cooking time is adapted to each food. As for nutrients and vitamins, they are preserved. Sweet and salty cooking can be simultaneous. As you can see, it's easier and faster for mothers to family.

Petit Gourmet regales the babies

of the baby bottles at the first purees, it accompanies your toddlers in their learning of authentic tastes. This culinary preparer also makes life easier for moms by allowing them to quickly prepare mashed potatoes. Thanks to its mixer, the texture of the purées is thus adapted to the age of baby.

Also provided: three large capacity bowls (2 x 600ml steam bowls each and a 700ml mixing bowl), 1 spatula and removable accessories compatible with the dishwasher. These products, which are expected to cost 120 euros, will be available in September 2011.

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