June 23, 2024

Baby food: Babybio Confort 2 milk from 6 months

What milk for'baby feeding ?

Today, your infant at six months and you do not know what milk to choose. And if you opt for Babybio 2 Comfort which is a milk Bio with corn starch from organic farming. This thickened formula helps reduce small rejects of milk.

A milk for baby's well-being and respect for the environment

With natural calcium and vitamin E and a balanced intake of essential fatty acids (omega 6-omega 3), Babybio 2 Confort offers a suitable response during the food diversification phase.

Babybio 2 Comfort is designed from milk Certified organic, from French cows, raised outdoors, fed organic fodder and have not undergone any preventive antibiotic treatment.

The box milk Babybio 2 Confort can be bought in pharmacies, organic stores, supermarkets and on the Internet.

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