January 16, 2022

Baby in winter: How to protect your skin against the cold?

Avoid overheating

When it's cold, we tend to want to put the heating at the maximum position, at home or by car? But be careful, in response, the skin of your baby Dehydrates and dries up! It is therefore important that it is neither too hot nor too cold. The ideal average temperature should not exceed 20 degrees inside, if you want to preserve the skin of your baby.

Limit layers of clothing

Also be sure to dress your child in a reasonable way, ie with warm clothes and light, but without doing too much. No need to accumulate layers of clothing as if you lived in Lapland! Yes baby looks like a bibendum, not only will it be uncomfortable but also it will be too hot and dehydrated. His skin, like the rest of his body, would dry up quickly?

Choose soft materials

Friction of clothing can contribute to irritating the skin of the infant in winter. Choose outfits in wool or fleece, all soft, that her skin will tolerate better.

Moisturize your skin

The skin of your baby has a low production of sebum which decreases its resistance to cold. It is therefore important to strengthen the protective barrier of the epidermis with good cream who moisturizes and nourishes his skin at the same time. The creams with thermal water are particularly effective because they bring water and fat to the skin. Enjoy the application of the cream to do a little massage at baby and turn this care into a moment of complicity!

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Tips to Protect Your Skin During Cold Winter Months (January 2022)