September 20, 2020

Baby: small pots offered in the TGV

If you are part of these families, did you hear about Operation Cremonini Restoration? No ? This operation, which will be launched on Saturday, July 2, is nevertheless intended for families who go on vacation by TGV this summer. What does this operation consist of? Cremonini Restauration will offer small pots of the brand Blédina to babies who will be aboard all TGVs. The departure on vacation will be facilitated.

10,000 Blédina baby pots will be distributed to parents who request it for their toddler. Parents will have to show up at the bar car where a Cremonini agent will give them a potty for each baby.

"We are very happy to launch this operation and to render a service to the parents so that the journey by TGV is carried out at best for the whole family"said Jean-Philippe Molinari, president of Cremonini France, which has become a benchmark player in rail catering services.

At all familieswe wish a good holiday.

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