July 10, 2020

Back from holidays: I keep or throw my sunscreen?

With each return of holidays, one always asks the same question: should I or not keep my Solar cream ? On average, solar products are usable twelve months after their opening. To know the exact expiry date, simply refer to the back of your product. A small logo will tell you when it will be used. "Many tests and studies are carried out to establish the expiry date of the products," says Valérie Perier, head of solar product development at Pierre Fabre. "So there is no need to worry if you respect the date set." The sunscreen purchased in the summer could be used the following winter.

On the other hand, it is better to buy new products every summer. Because in contact with air, the emulsion can be out of phase (the oily phase and the aqueous phase can dissociate). This does not mean that the U.V filters will be altered, but they will be less effective because less well distributed in the formula and therefore on the skin.

In general, a few precautions should be taken during and after each use: do not leave your products in the sand, avoid temperature differences and be sure to protect the sun products from direct sunlight. Do not worry, if you do not follow these tips to the letter, you can still use your solar products until the expiry date.