June 25, 2022

Back: Revlon launches Just Bitten Kissable Balm and Lipstick

A lipstick ... or almost ...

Revlon named them "Just Bitten Kissable" Balm and Lip Ink. The idea is, on the one hand, to provide the pleasure doudou and useful hydrating balm. On the other hand, give the lips a shine, as if they had just bitten them slightly to give a little color: a natural effect, but very sexy ... The texture is soft, light and the colors are fruity, punchy and delicate.

Does this remind you of something ?

Two associations of ideas: first the Crayola color pencil format. It is this pleasure of return of the classes that sought to reproduce Revlon, of course. Then, the Chubby Stick Clinique: same format, same principle of moisturizing balm colored ... Except that! The difference is that Revlon has a story more focused on the sexy than the care and that the brand is not bothered to develop as many discrete hues as radiant pop tones.And then, they are much cheaper ...

How do we play with?

The real pleasure of no lipstick Just Bitten Kissable is that it is adaptable. It is always on as a balm, it can be applied to the lips in a trend nude makeup sublimating or radiant: depending on the degree of application, the color will vary greatly on the mouth. Pretty doll, sexy baby or simply casual chic, it's up to you ...

Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm and Ink 9.90 euros
7 shades: Darling, Lovesick, Rendezvous, Cherish, Honey, Romantic or Crush.

Emma Stone, muse Revlon, with the Lovesick hue


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