October 22, 2021

Back to school: Does your child have to wear glasses?

Do you belong to those parents who have already consulted or are you in the other camp? Toddlers build their eyesight until they are 12, did you know? The National Association for the Improvement of Vision (ASNAV) says that one in seven children has a visual defect (myopia, hyperopia ...).

And you should also know that 25% of children who areschool primary have a visual defect. If ophthalmic monitoring has not been performed properly in early childhood, learning difficulties may arise.
Children do indeed need to have an optimal visual ability or they will experience difficulties especially in the school environment.
As their school progresses, the intensity of the work to be done on school, high school or at home will increase. All this work can cause visual fatigue and reveal problems that have not yet been detected.

When to make appointments?

- From 0 to 2 years old: Mom and Dad must make five mandatory appointments with an eye exam.

- Up to 15 years: the child must undergo a visual check at least every two years.

- From 15/16 years old: the teenager must have his eyes checked every three years.

When to consult a specialist

If your child:

- often blinks eyes,
- frowns,
- has red eyes that sting or cry,
- is tired,
- has headaches or neck pain,
- draws, writes or reads the nose stuck on his notebook,
- experiencing difficulties in learning or reading,
- confuses certain letters,
- is sensitive to strong light
- falls regularly
- is clumsy.

If your teen

- has more and more difficulty working for long periods,
- has more and more trouble distinguishing distant faces,
- has frequent headaches after a day spent in class.

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