August 14, 2022

Back to school fashion trends: tartan, scottish, be British from head to toe!

If the fashion trend of the season was to be summed up in one word, it would be "tartan"This very expert word means a fabric that we know since we know how to say the alphabet, it's simply Scottish.The Scottish kilts yes, this big woolen fabric plaid colors that gave us the look of English schoolgirls and we scratched when small, it was worn, but today, the Scottish print is fashion, super fashion and even a flashback in the wardrobe of the back. All forms are allowed and, oh happiness, colors too!
Scottish from every angle
The Scottish has taken a blow of youth for the return. Exit kilts not very glamorous and coarse red tiles, this year the tartan is sublimated. Forms first, no question of all ending up with the same shapeless kilts, no, this year there are Scottish trousers, jackets Scottish shirts, Scottish coats, Bermuda shorts, peacoats, vests, short dresses, mini skirtsin short, almost everything takes on a little English air.
The advantage to not look like Camilla Parker-Bowles in the middle of hunting is to bet on a modernized Scottish. And for this, nothing like colors that come out a little ordinary red and blue. Dare the pink or purple plaid!
Scottish: aristo or punk?
As the Scottish is the trend of the season, we will not be surprised to find that it covers all styles, from the most classic look to the most crazy. If Scottish can give an aristocratic genre, let's not forget that the punks have made it their favorite print in the eighties. As a result, we will not be surprised to see in the windows, both tailors in tartan for a very "pretty lady" style and mini skirts in tartan red for a rebellious punk effect.
Scottish parades
The "Scottish" trend came from the parades. On the podiums of Dolce & Gabbana, Paul and Joe, Ralph Lauren or Isabel Marant, you can not miss the checkered prints of all colors with a slight preference for the original version in red and black. As a result, we have obviously found Scottish red carpets, worn for example by Sarah Jessica Parker, who dared the dress in tulle and lace, matching a tartan red and black, all from the creator Alexander McQueen. So British!

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