October 25, 2021

Back to school: notebook or agenda for my child?

To help parents to make their choice in the stationery department, some schools do not hesitate to provide them with a precise list of the supplies requested by the professors. It is then written in black on white "agenda" or "notebook of text". What to solve the problem. But sometimes the decision comes back to parents and to the students.

No contraindications
Whatever the working tool, thechild must feel at ease in handling and be easily in the days. Some kids will prefer the textbook for its simplicity and use by tab. While others will opt for the agenda offering a more global vision of the work to be done as well as a reference in time.

Contrary to what one might think, the agenda is not reserved for adults. Moreover, some school teachers use it from primary school. The organizers allow toddlers to appropriate a tool they will use throughout their lives, unlike the textbook that is used only in the school context.

And the homework notebook?
Some teachers ask for a simple notebook, called a "homework book". The children then stick inside a sheet summarizing the exercises to do at home. This homework book also serves as a liaison between the teacher and the parents.

The child, the other decision maker
If the school or teacher lets you choose, ask your school child. Which tool is the most convenient for him? Is the agenda easy to use? Rest assured, if after a few weeks, the organizer seems too complex, it will always be possible to change to a notebook. And vice versa.

Back to School Organizing Tips: Binder & School Notebook Organization (October 2021)