April 10, 2021

Back to school: what phone package for my teen?

The giants of the mobile phone know it: a young person who chooses an operator will not change any time soon. To attract teenagers and students, they compete with ideas and do not hesitate to break prices.
For teens, the smartphone represents their entire universe. If it allows to call, it is mainly used to chat, surf the Internet, send SMS, comment on photos or videos via their Facebook account or follow the Twitter feed of their favorite star. However, these options end up weighing on the final bill. So before going shopping, ask yourself about the real needs of your child.

The prepaid card, a good alternative
Is it really necessary for your child to surf the net using a smartphone while he already has a computer at home? Two hours of communication are not they too? Is it worth giving him the latest fashionable phone?
To begin, opt for a prepaid card. In sixth, a child especially needs to call you when needed. Privilege a card at a low price, which allows him to call and send some SMS. You will be able to adapt the map according to your needs and your age.

Later, switch to a map with unlimited SMS and access to Facebook
For you, the card offers the possibility to control the use of the phone and especially your expenses. In addition, it can also be used to reward your child for his exemplary behavior or his good academic results.
However, beware of the validity period of the card. For some operators, it is only valid for 15 days. Ideal for holidays but not for the duration of the school.

Package blocked or not?
The alternative is to choose a secure plan for your child. Here again, the offer and the prices vary according to the operators. Anyway, you are sure to have no surprises by discovering the bill at the end of the month. On the other hand, beware of 24 month commitments. A teen's needs change quickly. So prefer an offer without commitment or limited to one year.
Finally, do not forget to activate the parental control function on your teen's phone to allow him to surf in peace.

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